Boring Big Brother 2013 housemates given conversation starters


Big Brother was forced to provide the housemates with conversation starters last night.

Even though eight housemates - and nine people - remain in the house, the group have clearly not been pleasing BB with their chatter.

Instead, Big Brother gave the group a bag of questions and asked each housemate in turn to pick one, reading it aloud to the group, before they all answers.

Questions included things like Would you prefer to be stupid and satisfied or clever and unhappy?

But some housemates took the questions a tad too seriously.

When asked What would you do if you only had 24 hours left to live? Gina reacted: "If I'm well, fit and healthy, why am I dying?

"Why have I only got 24 hours to live? Am I in a movie? I'd go crazy, go on a mad one... but I'd also try and build a bunker and try and survive."

Asked Which housemate would you bring back to the house and why? there were plenty of names, with Dan coming out on top, but Sam named ejected housemate Daley while Dexter said he wanted actor Michael.

Meanwhile, asked What piece of advice you've been given? One of the twins responded with a William Shakespeare quote.

Perhaps they just look young for their age...

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