Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell rages at Dexter Koh over 'stick it in you' comment


Dexter Koh and Callum Knell clash on tonight's Big Brother 2013 after trying to make amends.

As part of this week's shopping task, Dexter The Devious and Cowboy Callum are trash talking each other in the press conference however it gets a bit personal and it starts a very long evening in the house.

Dexter The Devious says: "Cowboy Callum the womaniser. Don’t make me laugh you might be a womaniser but I am like the energiser anything you throw me I am going to keep coming back and back and back. What is that nipple ring all about you are not auditioning for the next village people you need to really sort it out.”

Cowboy Callum responds: “You are the most manipulating, conniving little weasel I have ever come across… I don’t want to be anywhere near you and I don’t want to feel the way you make me feel and that is that you are better than me… You feel you are superior in every way, up on your pedestal and I don’t like people looking down their nose at me or my family. I am not going to put up with that anymore. DONE.”

After their battle, Cowboy Callum and Dexter The Devious are on the sofas talking through their problems.

“I knew that me and Callum didn’t get on. But I didn’t expect to understand the way that you feel about me," Dexter says. “To be blatantly honest…I always knew there was an underlying issue but I didn’t realise that it was as strong as you pointed out today.”

Cowboy replies: “More than that. The way you make me feel…it’s not the way I feel about you, it’s the way you make me feel. Its old ground now.

“I am surprised that you are surprised. I have said it to you before. I have said it is the condescending thing. Intentional, consciously, subconsciously, I have said it before. It was an opportunity for me. I didn’t mean to actually, but I just went for it. I don’t regret it.”

Later on in the evening and Dexter The Devious walks in on Cowboy Callum talking about him on the sofas to Gina Warrior Princess, Strongman Sam and Referee Charlie.

Cowboy Callum confronted Dexter: “It is about things like when Jackie left and I am paraphrasing but your words were essentially, ‘I am smarter than you and you try to f**k with my head…I will stick it in you. You said I will stick it in you’.”

But Dexter The Devious and the other housemates start laughing, as Cowboy Callum continues: “I am relaying word for word. ‘I will stick it in you Callum.’ Tell me that is not condescending, tell me that is not superior f**king intellect when you tell me you will bend me over and stick it in me. You can understand to some extent.”

Dexter The Devious explains: “The point I was trying to make to Callum was, I know how smart he is and he winds me up, so don’t f**k with me because then I will do you.”

Cowboy Callum concludes: “This is me being very fair. Giving him the benefit of the doubt at the very least it means he has an overriding confidence over me.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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