Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio brands Hazel O’Sullivan "really aggressive"


Gina Rio brands Hazel O’Sullivan "really aggressive" in tonight's Big Brother, as the pair fight it out in the latest task.

For the shopping challenge, the pair - known by their alter egos Gina Warrior Princess and Hot Shot Hazel - had to battle with one another in a Velcro wrestling match.

They had to try and get the other to stick on the Velcro floor mat for five seconds, with Hazel easily triumphing.

After the fight, Gina Warrior Princess and Cowboy Callum are in the bedroom talking about Hotshot Hazel’s competitive nature in the task.

“That was a bit intense," remarks Callum.

“It really was. You know what I am like. I take it light hearted and laugh about everything. But she is really aggressive," Gina tells him. “She looks like a wrestler anyway. So of course I was never going to win that!”

Meanwhile, Hotshot Hazel is telling Dexter The Devious, Sophie Slamdown and Joe (The Jaded Joker) in the kitchen that she knew she would win the battle against Gina Warrior Princess.

Hotshot Hazel boasts: “I was afraid that she was going to blast out some super strength that we didn’t know about and I am going to look like a f***ing ejit if Gina kicks my a**e. I wouldn’t have surrendered though if I was her.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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