Big Brother 2013: Day 48 highlights and recap


Day 48 on Big Brother 2013 sees the housemates get their latest shopping task.

Today housemates are woken by loud music. The 2-day shopping task ‘Nemesis’ begins.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas to meet their wrestling gurus, Lionheart and Lionkid. Lionheart dictates the task instructions and tells housemates their task alias’,

A press conference takes place with Hotshot Hazel and Gina Warrior Princess who will be the first to battle. Housemates become the press. Opponents face off with trash talk.

Hotshot Hazel wins 25% of the shopping budget because the housemates correctly guess that she would beat Gina Warrior Princess.

Sophie Slamdown and Dexter The Devious are second guessing who the next battle will be between and who will face off.

The second set of opponents are getting ready in the dressing room, psyching each other out. Dexter the Devious and Cowboy Callum are getting into character.

Cowboy Callum wins his battle against Dexter the Devious and as housemates guessed correctly they gain another 25% of the shopping budget.

In the diary room The Jackador tells Big Brother that the press conference was tense. Cowboy Callum took the trash talk a little too seriously.

Cowboy Callum explains to Strongman Sam in the living area that he is sick of feeling belittled by Dexter The Devious.

Sophie Slamdown and Gina Warrior Princess are in the tree house b***hing about how seriously Hotshot Hazel took the task.

Dexter The Devious is in the bedroom with Hotshot Hazel sharing his feelings over what Cowboy Callum said in the press conference.

Sophie Slamdown tells Big Brother in the diary room that she doesn’t understand why Cowboy Callum mentioned his own family in his trash talk as Dexter The Devious didn’t.

Dexter The Devious is telling Strongman Sam and Gina Warrior Princess in the bedroom that he will no longer communicate with Cowboy Callum unless it is part of a task, he is done with him.

Cowboy Callum is sitting on the kitchen side talking to himself about Dexter The Devious.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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