Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh and Callum Knell war gets out of control


Dexter Koh and Callum Knell's bitter war is seeming to get out of control in the Big Brother house.

In a bizarre battle last night, the pair both complained about how sick the other one made them feel.

And Callum claimed that Dexter had secretly been 'flirting' with him, even though none of the housemates agreed.

Callum ranted: "Dexter gets to me, he gets under my skin. He's clever, and he's a professional. I admitted in front of all of you, Dexter is under my skin and he's in my head. He makes me feel worthless."

"For someone to make you feel worthless... wow..." Gina reacted.

"It's because of the constant behind the scenes stuff," Callum explained. "He'll wind me up in front of you lot, but then blow me kisses, asks me for cuddles and winks at me."

"I've never seen that," Gina claimed.

"You lot must look at me like What The F**K is Callum on about, but you don't see the kisses or hugs," Callum continued. "I can't be bothered to look a mug and get involved in something so f**king petty.

"I can't be bothered. I am what I am and he's not what he is. I cannot give a f**k about about anyone. He's so full of s**t, it's unbelievable."

Meanwhile, Dexter was having a similar rant in the garden.

"He's [Callum] crossed the line with me, I don't even want to share the same bedroom with him," he told Sophie. "I find him disgusting and revolting and he makes my skin crawl.

"I'm finished with him. Unless it's dinner or a task, he's not getting two words out of me. The man makes me sick."

Strong words...

Watch all the fallout on tonight's show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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