Big Brother 2013: Wrestling task continues as Jack and Joe, Sam and Sophie prepare to fight


Big Brother's latest shopping task continues today, as Jack and Joe and Sam and Sophie prepare to do battle.

This week the housemates have become wrestlers and each have an alter ego: There's Dexter the Devious, Strongman Sam, Gina Warrior Princess and twins Jackadore and Jaded Joker (Joe).

They're joined by Hot Shot Hazel, Sophie Slamdown and Cowboy Callum, while Charlie is the referee for the task.

Each of the wrestling housemates have been paired off for separate challenges, which they must complete in order to win the luxury shopping budget.

Already, Hazel has beaten Gina while Callum has triumphed over Dexter.

Housemates must try to be the quickest to get from one end of a balance beam to the other, while their nemesis attempts to slow their progress by throwing foam balls at them. The balance beam will have poles which must be stepped over and under across them, as well as check points which the housemates must touch. Housemates will have to take their time and go slowly and carefully. If they fall of the beam they or miss a checkpoint they must return to the start and try again.

Housemates must be the quickest to react to the stimulus of a pop up button. A line of holes which a button can pop out of will lay equidistant between Sophie and Sam, who are attached to bungee cords wearing boxing gloves. Only one button will pop up at a time and the first housemate to press the button wins a point. First to 3 points wins.

Meanwhile, throughout today all housemates will have to complete a number of trigger tasks. Three stations will be set up in the living area; ‘Protein Power Up,’ ‘Sweat It Off’ and ‘Pose Off’. Housemates can be called to the stations at any point to take part in one of these triggers. At ‘Protein Power Up’ housemates must drink 5 raw eggs. At ‘Sweat It Off’ housemates must perform sit ups whilst chanting ‘I am X and I am a winner. At ‘Pose Off’ housemates must cover themselves in baby oil and strike their best wrestler style poses.

The task will air on tonight and tomorrow night's highlights shows on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the task so far below...

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