Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell beats Dexter Koh in a 'flinch off'


Callum Knell scored a win over nemesis Dexter Koh in the Big Brother 2013 house yesterday.

For the latest challenge, the housemates have become wrestlers and each have an alter ego.

There's Dexter the Devious, Strongman Sam, Gina Warrior Princess and twins Jackadore and Jaded Joker (Joe).

They're joined by Hot Shot Hazel, Sophie Slamdown and Cowboy Callum, while Charlie is the referee for the task.

Each of the wrestling housemates have been paired off for separate challenges, which they must complete in order to win the luxury shopping budget.

Callum and Dexter went head to head on a ‘Flinch Off.’ Once again the housemates voted unanimously, this time in favour of Callum’s victory. After several rounds Callum was declared the winner:

Octopus tentacles
Chicken Feet
Feather Dusters
Fish Gunge
Cold Water

Therefore the housemates, won £25 and Callum was awarded £20 extra to spend on the shopping budget.

Meanwhile, Gina took on Hazel in ‘Stick Down.’ After the press conference the rest of the housemate’s unanimously voted that Hazel would win the challenge.

As Hazel won 2 rounds in a row she was crowned the ‘Stick Down’ champion. Therefore the housemates won 25% of their shopping budget and Hazel was awarded £20 extra to spend on the shopping budget..

Browse pictures of the task so far below...

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