Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan shocked to find out she's a bit of a bitch


Hazel O'Sullivan is shocked to find out she's coming across as a bit of a bitch in the Big Brother 2013 house tonight.

Hazel and Dexter are in the bedroom talking about how they come across to the public after seeing their diary room nominations played out.

Hazel admitts: “I sounded like such a b***h, I’m actually thinking do I come across as a b***h and don’t know it, because I am a bit blunt. Because I said he tries a little bit too hard to be the alpha male?”

Dexter replies: “To have a personal journey which at the end of it, you might be walking out of here with or without the money. If that is the twist. Or walking out of here with a nice little pay cheque for being the most entertaining, had a great personal journey and be liked by the public, maybe not liked by your housemates, but at least had a good time?”

Meanwile, Charlie is trying to explain to Callum why she nominated him.

Callum tells her: “Surprised not disappointed. Now I know how you feel.”

Charlie tries to explain her decision: “I may be closer to you than other people. But I had to give a reason. When I went up there I had no people no reasons. I had to think of two people, we have been p**sed off by each other and the way we talk to each other.

"So therefore there is more of a reason with you than anyone else. It doesn’t bother me in here I still like you very much I am sorry that I disappointed you.”

But Callum replies: “Tonight I learnt something which is the way you view me. You have lost in me your biggest fan in the house. You have lost someone who has fought your corner and would never ever let you down.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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