Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's not happy with Dexter Koh's fashion advice

Gina Rio (Big Brother 2013)

Gina Rio goes on a rant on tonight's Big Brother after being given fashion advice from Dexter Koh.

Gina is seen complaining to Big Brother about Charlie and Dexter telling her she looks prettier without her coloured contact lenses.

“At least he looks at me as a Ferrari. Right now he is a Ford Fiesta," she snapped. "Him in trainers and a hoodie, it does not suit him and he knows that and I don’t know why he does it.

"He is on national television. I have the best dress sense in the house come on. I know style! They should be listening to me. I shouldn’t be listening to them.”

Else on tonight's show, and Jack winds up Callum after getting him, Gina, Sam and Dexter all sent to jail.

Jack goes to the garden to speak to the housemates who have been in jail for 1hr. Callum and Gina are not impressed.

Callum asks him: “We have got mug written on our foreheads then have we, for not jumping on you and pinning you to the ground?”

Jack replies "You have got lovely nice people on your foreheads because you took one for the team. Thank you very much we are all extremely grateful.”

But Callum reacts: “This is not taking one for the team, taking one for the team is intentionally putting yourself in the line of the bullet.”

“F***ing hell it’s only a two hour stint in jail, let’s not exaggerate," Jack concludes.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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