Big Brother 2013: Day 47 highlights and recap


Day 47 of Big Brother 2013 saw the housemates get a new task, before the nominations reveal caused drama.

Down to their final rations, housemates are now dreaming of food.

Jack is shouting in the bedroom having seen a frog hiding amongst Callum’s clothes and frenzy begins.

The mechanical mannequin task begins and the housemates get dressed up for the task courtesy of The task lasts for 45 minutes.

The housemates are gathered on the sofa and told the winning team is Day at the Park. The team - Gina, Dexter, Sam and Callum - win a takeaway feast that evening

Gina, Callum and Dexter are in the kitchen talking about how many people they think will be up for eviction and decide on four.

The winning team receive their takeaway; the losing team plot to steal some of their food. Big Brother warns that only the winning housemates are allowed to eat the takeaway. Sophie, Twins, Hazel and Charlie defy Big Brother and eat some of their treats. Big Brother instructs the winning team to go to jail for allowing the remaining housemates to eat some of their food.

Following the rule break punishment, Jack has had a disagreement with Callum and Gina through the bars of the jail. He retreats to the bedroom and relays the argument to Sophie and the other housemates.

All the housemates are gathered on the sofas for the result of this week’s nominations. TV screen reveals that Callum, Dexter, Hazel and Jack & Joe will face the public vote. They and their fellow housemates watch as Big Brother reveals who nominated them and why.

Dexter asks Sam why he called him rude during his reason for nominating Dexter. Sam explains that he feels Dexter has no manners, which annoys him.

Callum and Dexter joke in the kitchen about what they have said about each other during nominations.

Gina and Jack are in the bedroom discussing her nominating him and Jack and agree that it won’t change their friendship.

Some of the housemates discuss Callum being up for eviction and his reactions to their reasons as revealed by Big Brother.

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