Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's not happy with Sam Evans' crush on her!


Gins Rio isn't happy with Sam Evans in the big Brother 2013 house.

And it's just because he told big brother just how much he liked Gina in the Diary Room.

"I'm not gonna lie," Sam told Big Brother, "I love her personality, maybe we just got a good connection, she's not my type... But she's really funny.

However when Sam relayed his conversation to the other housemates - and Gina - he also claimed he and Gina enjoyed flirting together, leaving Gina to take offence.

"Imagine my boyfriend watching that, and saying 'Oh, Gina's flirting with Sam'," she told him.

Gina made it clear: "We just have friendly banter. can't a girl and a guy be friends? I don't get it."

Sam advised: "If I was you I wouldn't say anything, this might turn into something a bit hefty, so don't say anything and that'll be the end of it."

Surely the shortest Big Brother romance ever?

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