Big Brother 2013: Gina is pissed off as she's sent to jail for Jack's greed!


Four housemates were sent to Big Brother's jail yesterday in another twist!

In the latest task, housemates were split into teams and then took on the modelling challenge.

Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam won the task, and were rewarded with a takeaway dinner of pizza and booze, while losers Charlie, Hazel, Sophie, Jack and Joe went without.

At least that was in theory.

Instead, the losers tucked into the pizza and drink, as all the housemates enjoyed the food provided by BB.

Big Brother gathered the group however to announce a punishment.

"It's clearly stated that the takeaway dinner from today's task was clearly for the winning housemates," Big Brother announced. "Housemates must now be punished."

But rather than sending the losers to jail, Big Brother had a twist: "Gina, Dexter, Sam and Callum, as you failed to stop Jack and Joe, Sam, Hazel and Sophie from eating your reward, you must go straight to jail."

Big Brother added: "All leftover food must be returned to the house immediately."

"That's stupid, I said no one can have any pizza!" claimed Gina. "I was the one that said no, did I egg anyone on? No. Greedy people..."

In jail and Sam quipped: "How's anyone going to stop Jack?!"

Browse pictures of the task below...

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