Big Brother 2013 nomination results: Four up for eviction


Four housemates face eviction from Big Brother 2013 this week.

In tonight's latest Big Brother UK nomination results, Hazel O’Sullivan, Dexter Koh, Callum Knell, Jack and Joe were all put up for the axe by their fellow housemates.

It was a return to normal nominations format this week following the recent safe house twist, with each of the group going to the Diary Room one by one to give their two nomination votes and reasons.

Reasons varied from being "rude enough to make an onion cry" to "talking enough crap to be arrested" as the housemates ranted in the Diary Room about one another behind their backs.

After everyone had voted, Callum had five nominations (out of a possible 7), Dexter received 4 votes from his fellow housemates while Hazel and Jack and Joe each had three nominations each to face the axe this week.

Sophie received one nomination, while Sam, Gina and Charlie did not receive any nominations.

It's fair to say it'll be hard to see anyone other than Hazel leaving this week, although twins Jack and Joe are currently behind the Irish beauty in our latest popularity poll.

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Big Brother UK airs nightly on Channel 5.

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