Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan and Charlie Travers hug it out over cucumber gate


After last night's cucumber row, it's all hugs between Hazel O’Sullivan and Charlie Travers on Big Brother 2013 tonight.

At the top of the show, Charlie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about her fun night which turned sour.

Charlie remarks: “…obviously we have woken up and we are not talking. It’s a little bit awkward; I have not had that situation in the house. Its does feel like school. In the real world you don’t really wake up next to someone and not speak to them.”

Later, Charlie is in the living area with Sam and tries to explain her cucumber fallout with Hazel and subsequent Daley comment.

Charlie says: “What I meant about that was that Hazel had come up to me and said, ‘He didn’t do it intentionally, he was drunk and got a bit carried away.’ So I said it is a bit like the Daley situation, wait, that isn’t a good example and then it kicked off in here a bit.”

She continued: “I felt like it was an attack. I felt p***ed off because I felt like I had confided in Hazel, she knows I have issues with not thinking before I speak and I felt like she used it against me.”

By the end o the day, Charlie is in the garden apologising to Hazel about their argument and bringing Daley into the situation.

Charlie explains: “Sorry for saying that as it’s not the right situation to give an example by and I know it is personal to you, so sorry, I am sorry for even mentioning those words.”

Hazel replies: “I didn’t want you to get in trouble over anything because it was an accident…obviously to come down and it to escalate to that degree and for Daley to be brought in to it. I was like: ‘Oh did she really go there?,’ because I have been going through a really hard time with it, the guy has been removed from the show for it.”

They make up with a hug.

Big Brother UK airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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