Big Brother 2013: Day 46 highlights and recap


Day 46 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the latest round of nominations take place.

Last night, Hazel and Charlie fell out over a cucumber and despite sharing a bed, are still not talking to each other.

Dexter and Hazel are talking in the bedroom. Dexter claims his day will now be ruined due to nominations. Hazel tells Dexter she hopes to get an apology from Charlie about mentioning Daley in the cucumber argument.

Callum agrees to power the shower for Dexter and the housemates think this is odd. Callum has a change of heart and asks the other housemates to help Dexter instead so that Callum can continue to clean the kitchen.

Big Brother sets all of the housemates a secret mission; they must follow a different housemate each until further notice. The housemates realise what is going on and then start a conga circle.

Nominations take place.

Jack is trying to have a sneaky nap on the sofa and Joe will not let him. Joe and Sophie start bickering over this.

Sam and Callum are in the garden discussing nominations. Sam says that it is easy to guess who nominates who. Callum feels he may be up for a 4th time in a row.

Dexter is in the bedroom telling some of the housemates he doesn’t know who he is going to nominate. Joe shouts that they ALL know who at least one of his votes will be.

Dexter and Charlie are lying on the sofa discussing nominations and guessing who will be up for eviction on Friday.

The Twins, Dexter and Gina are in the bedroom. They are talking about how easy it is to see who nominated who from people’s reactions once the nominations have been announced.

Dexter and some of the other housemates are on the sofas discussing conspiracy theories. Dexter believes that Callum could be an actor; Charlie mentions how realistic and scary it was when Callum played psychiatrist. Dexter responds ‘That’s because he is a scary person’.

Outside Callum and Jack are talking about Dexter and his conspiracy theories. They cannot listen to him anymore and hope the public are sick of him talking ‘b****cks’ as much as they are. Callum claims that Dexter thinks he is, ‘God’s gift to predictions’.

Gina asks some of the male housemates who they would rather sleep with, Jackie or Jemima. Dexter is the only one to respond. He would rather sleep with Jackie as she could teach him a few things and would be a cleaner person.

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