Big Brother 2013 housemates speculate over nominations


With the latest round of Big Brother 2013 nominations complete, the housemates have been speculating who will be up.

Dan's exit on Friday has left eight housemates fighting for the £100,000 prize fund and tensions inside the house are higher than ever.

Yesterday evening, Big Brother called the housemates together and told they would nominating once again.

It was back to the usual nominations format, with each housemate being called to the Diary Room in turn to give their two names and reasons.

As nominations got underway, speculation in the house quickly turned to who could be up.

Although we reckon it'll be easier predicting who won't be.

"Anyone else notice when people nominate and come back, it's the people they cant look in the eye that they put up," Dexter claimed, although no one seemed to really agree with him.

"Dexter, I can't look you in the eye..." joked Gina.

Later on, Gina asked Charlie: "Do you have an idea who I nominated [Yes] S**t, is it that obvious?"

"I think by now everyone has a rough idea [who will nominate who]," Charlie suggested.

"That's why I know I'm up," Dexter declared. "Even if I manage to change some people's opinions, that's great for the personal journey, but at least two people will 100%, categorically put me for nomination."

Find out the results of the nominations in tonight's show!

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Big Brother 2013 continues to air on Channel 5 every night.

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