Big Brother news: Callum Knell is targeted by the group in mass bitching session


Callum Knell was the target for yet more Big Brother bitching yesterday evening.

Almost all of the housemates were gathered in the living area to assassinate the wannabe teacher's character following the latest round of nominations.

Needless to say, we expect he'll be up for the axe when the results are revealed tonight.

Dexter kicked off things off, complaining: "Callum is the only without a verified background, it's always the one you least suspect."

The apparent PR guru, who is really just a pap himself, added: 'He's genuinely scary. He's a fairly good liar but not a good actor."

"He's good at pretending," Hazel agreed.

Gina whinged: "He told me he had a dream that we all went to wales to see Sam, we went to Ireland to see Hazel... but I was bored..."

And Jack concluded: "He's just a big lump of brie, he's so cheesy."

Meanwhile, in the garden, Callum was giving as good as he got chatting to Joe.

"I've enjoyed the whole thing, but I refuse to listen to him [Dexter]. If he says something I agree with, I'll say 'I agree', if he says anything else, I'll be like 'F**k off'," Callum ranted.

He continued "Sometimes he thinks he works for Endemol [Big Brother production company]. There are people in this house that think he's so clever he works for the production team.

"Dexter will throw out 4, 5 or 6 predictions and when one will stick, he'll be like 'I'll told you!' like he's God's gift to predictions."

Big Brother 2013 continues to air on Channel 5 every night.

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