Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan and Charlie Travers row over a cucumber in the eye


Big Brother UK sees a row tonight as a cucumber in the eye grips in the whole house.

In scenes that are full of innuendos, Charlie and Hazel's playfight with the green fruit turns ugly as Hazel is prodded in the eye by Charlie.

Hazel is called to the diary room to be checked up and comments: “My eye is ok. I think Charlie is a little bit drunk. I’m OK.”

Returning to the house, Hazel and Charlie are arguing about their cucumber incident in the bedroom.

“It was a bit like how Daley felt…actually nothing to do with that," Charlie said. “Actually it’s not at all like that, I stopped my point…”

"What do you mean like the Daley thing? Cos I was called to diary room?” Hazel replies. “That’s pretty harsh Charls.”

Hazel then leaves for the living area, Charlie and some of the housemates join her

“The Daley situation was unintentional…so I soon as I said that I stopped my mouth," Charlie tries to explain, before changing the subject, "You called it aggression, you told Callum.”

“When did I say aggression?" says Hazel, but as Callum reveals she did say it, she adds: “O well, tit for tat then Charlie…”

Hazel continues: “Seriously, you need to think before you say things… I’m really sober here and you are really drunk, I’m not going to argue now.”

Charlie snaps: “Hazel you used the word aggressive. I don’t like the fact that someone said to me behind my back that I was aggressive.”

“I give up; you need to think before you speak, that’s all I’m saying,” Hazel concludes as she walks off.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight on Channel 5.

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