Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's on the attack against Hazel O’Sullivan again


Gina Rio just can't seem to get Hazel off the mind in tonight's Big Brother 2013.

We saw Gina bitching last night about Hazel still being in the house, and she continues tonight.

This time it's because Hazel didn't cry enough when receiving her letter from home.

Gina is in the diary room talking about Hazel to Big Brother.

Gina complains: “I think she’s extremely fake and evil inside, you can see it in her eyes, a devilish character.”

And it's not the only bitching going on in tonight's show, with Dexter and Hazel once again laying into both Callum and Charlie.

“Charlie…One minute she’s like, 'Callum makes my skin crawl', then the next minute she’s all over him," Dexter remarks.

Hazel replies. “Oh so she is…They love their deeper than deeper chats. I don’t think she fancies Callum.” (Hazel sees Callum and Charlie talking)

“I would chase her outside of here," admits Dexter.

Hazel says: “If I’m being honest it’s never going to happen, but you have more of a chance than he has.”

Meanwhile. Callum is raring to go in the diary room.

Callum tells BB: "I feel brilliant, the letter from home has reminded me how good things are on the outside, people are much worse off than me. I can make anything happen, I can climb mountains! I’m going to give Dexter stick, bring it on! It’s all fun and games.

"Charlie…whatever it is, it’s not about chasing girls all your life.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight on Channel 5.

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