Big Brother 2013: Day 45 highlights and recap


Day 45 in the Big Brother house saw the group get their letters from home... and some booze!

After last night’s shock eviction, housemates are slowly waking up to life without Dan. Hazel says, ‘I feel like he was so cheated.’ Sophie adds, ‘I feel so bad on him.’

In the diary room, Dexter explains, ‘Dan was a rock for a few people in the house, I think Callum will try and go for the alpha crown. I’m expecting more twists and turns, anything can happen.’

Callum tells Dexter that he’s man enough to admit that cooking isn’t one of his strengths.

Hazel tells Charlie she really thought she was going to be evicted.

Dexter and Hazel are harvesting cucumbers from the vegetable patch.

Callum and Charlie are having a deep and meaningful chat, Charlie explains that she’s always had a boyfriend or a parent around her and this is the first time she’s been on her own. ‘All I ever wanted is to come into myself.’ Callum adds, ‘I would love to see how it goes afterwards me and you.’

It’s task time, housemates are asked to get creative and create pieces of art that represent their time in the house. Housemates are kitted out with paint and easels in the garden, they set to work and must present their pieces to the house to pass the task.

Sam’s piece includes Hazel’s ‘big boobs’ and the boys’ reactions to them - tongues out, as well as Dexter kissing Charlie’s arse. Housemates laugh and cheer.

Dexter explains that his piece is called D’angel – Devil and Angel which includes fake and real people.

Callum’s painting shows a light at the end of the tunnel and it reveals that Big Brother is the best thing he’s ever done.

Big Brother is pleased with all housemates’ artwork and they pass the task; their reward will be letters from home.

In the diary room, Jack and Joe say Callum’s piece was dire and depressing, and that Sam’s was ‘a triumph of modern art’.

Charlie tells Hazel that she doesn’t fancy Callum and Dexter ‘intrigues her more’. Hazel thinks Callum is ‘overly good’ to Charlie.

As a reward for passing the painting task, Big Brother delivers letters from home.

Jack and Joe are first to receive their letter from their mum and dad. The twins’ parents explain that they are ‘saving a fortune on food shopping’ and that they need to ‘keep your wits about you and enjoy the experience’.

Charlie receives a letter from her mum Jackie who says ‘kick ass with Dexter and Callum’.

Sophie’s letter is from her mum which says ‘ain’t nothing wrong with your accent babe!’

Hazel’s mum tells her to ‘keep smiling with your eyes’.

Gina’s mum confesses she misses her ‘million calls a day’ and that she’s proud of her daughter. Dexter gets teary as he reads her letter.

Callum reads Sam’s letter which states his family are ‘glad he’s found a friend in Callum’ which causes Callum to cry. The letter goes onto to reveal his family think he’s a ‘role model to deaf children and this has been the best BB ever!’

Dexter’s mum writes that it was amazing to see him; she cringed when he first went into the house and cried with laughter when he streaked. His mum sees he likes Charlie and that Gina ‘gets you more than any other housemate’. Dexter is in tears.

Callum gets upset when he hears mum is proud of him and that he’s been himself. ‘Lovely to watch your bromance with Sam’.

Gina is in the diary room and reveals that Hazel was the only one who didn’t cry over her letter, and that she was pleased Dexter’s mum pointed out to him that she is the one who gets him in the house.

Hazel tells Charlie that she needed some feedback from her mum ‘to know that I was doing OK’. Hazel also tells Charlie that ‘she can’t express any emotion in the house’. The pair hug.

In the garden, Gina watches on as housemates play in the rain.

Charlie tells Gina, that she and Sophie have taught her to say it how it is and not to be afraid to speak her mind. Gina says she must think before she speaks.

Some of the housemates are playing with food in the kitchen.

Hazel tries to put a cucumber in Charlie’s mouth, Charlie play fights back and accidentally pokes Hazel in the eye with a cucumber. The pair stops play fighting and Charlie asks if Hazel is OK.

Hazel goes to sit down next to Callum, ‘I think it’s just the drink, she was getting a bit aggressive’. Callum replies, ‘There was no malice there’. Hazel is then called to the diary room.

Charlie questions Callum that he said she was aggressive, he denies this. She explains the cucumber incident was an accident.

Hazel is talking to Joe in the bedroom and says her eye is sore but doesn’t want to make a ‘big deal’ of it. Charlie enters the room asking why it’s become a big thing.

In the living area, Hazel asks Callum, ‘Why does she never think before she speaks and why does Daley have anything to do with this?’

Outside, Charlie tells Sophie it wasn’t intentional, Sophie tells her she should speak to Hazel.

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