Big Brother 2013: Cucumber gate takes over the house as Hazel and Charlie clash


A blazing row between Hazel O'Sullivan and Charlie Travers took over the house last night, and it all started with a cucumber.

As you might imagine, it also involved plenty of booze and another case of Charlie's classic foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Following their recent Nutella fight, Charlie and Hazel continued their bizarre girly fights with a cucumber.

But things began to turn nasty when Charlie accidentally ended up poking Hazel in the eye with the shaft like vegetable fruit (who knew?).

Big Brother quickly called Hazel to the Diary Room to check she was alright, which got Charlie rather worried about being kicked out of the house.

In the bedroom, Hazel complained to one of the twins (we still can't tell them apart): "She's getting more aggressive and more drunk now her mum has gone. She can barely open her eyes out there she's so drunk."

Charlie then came to apologise to Hazel, telling her in a rather drunken state: "I never in a million years, meant to hurt you, or try and get anything in your eye."

Harmless: How the cucumber may have looked once it's disarmed
Harmless: How the cucumber may have looked once it was disarmed

Coming out with some quotes that will go down in BB history, Charlie continued: "I don't understand how it's gone from a jovial cucumber thing into my mouth, into something that hurt your eye."

She added: "And now it's become a big thing, it's being talked about and you're being called upstairs [to the Diary Room].'

"It's not become a big thing, it's not a big thing, how do you think it's a big thing?" Hazel replied.

"I dunno, dunno... comments and stuff, the fact you got called to the Diary room," a sheepish Charlie said.

Hazel insisted: "Don't worry about it"

Hazel gives Charlie her best 'This will not end well for you' look

And that's when Charlie put her foot right in it, comparing herself to Daley before he was ejected from the house.

"I know it's not, but it's just a bit like... well, not very... how Daley felt... nothing to do with that... actually... but..," Charlie spluttered out as her mouth again moved faster than her brain.

Hazel met the comment with silence, and a look that could kill.

"That's very f**king harsh," Hazel eventually remarked, before walking out of the room in a huff.

If only Hazel had taken a fresh fruit self-defence class...

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