Big Brother 2013 housemates get messages from friends and family


The Big Brother 2013 housemates got their messages from home last night, after previously being teased by Big Brother.

On Friday, BB set the group a task to win the letters, but rather provided them with lettuces from home in a punny twist.

Yesterday, the housemates got arty as each housemate was given an easel, canvas and palette of paint and are told that they had to create an abstract picture which will represent their time in the house so far.

Because Big Brother believed that the housemate’s paintings are creative and imaginative enough, they went on to receive letters from their families (real ones, this time) yesterday evening.

It started with Charlie, who asked Hazel to read out her letter. There were tears as as Charlie's mum and former housemate Jackie wrote to the group, telling her to "kick arse" with Dexter and Callum and to sort the boys out.

Sophie then read out the twins letter, with the pair's mum quipping that the family are saving a fortune on their food bill with the brothers in the house!

Charlie then read out Hazel's letter from her mum, who boasted of enjoying the sun without her, as well as missing her smile and hugs.

Dexter then stood up to read out Gina's letter from her mum, who praised her for confronting the other housemates rather than bitching about them. There were tears from Gina as she got a second letter from her boyfriend, which even left Charlie crying.

Callum and Sam read out each other's letters, both of which caused more sobbing, with both of the messages from home noting the pair's relationship and bromance with one another.

Finally, Dexter had his letter read out by Gina, as his mum told him to stop being so "cringey" and to just relax!

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