Big Brother 2013: Gina is pissed that Hazel is still in the house!


Gina Rio's not happy in tonight's Big Brother after Dan is given the boot.

Gina is in the diary room moaning about the result.

She tells Big Brother: “I feel really p*ssed off, I respect Big Brother’s twists and turns but at the same time that was a huge impact on the whole house. I really wanted Hazel to go, she deserved to go over Dan.”

Later, a crying Hazel also comes to speak to Big brother in the Diary Room about the eviction.

She sobs: “Dan was my shoulder to cry on. He’s probably the only person I open up to in the house. It’s tough; he was my closest person in the house, I was shocked. He was loving, intuitive, a burst of light, he made you smile. I miss him so much already.”

Elsewhere in tonight's show, in the living area, Callum is talking to the twins about the eviction.

Callum says: “Dan was put on the spot, it was really unfair. I’m worried for Hazel; I want to inject confidence into her. She’s lost her best mate in the house.”

As Hazel walks past, Callum adds: “I would love a catch up with Hazel tomorrow. I’m not close to Hazel at all, I wouldn’t want to dare give her advice but I just want to listen to her.”

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