Big Brother 2013: Day 44 highlights and recap


Day 44 in the Big Brother UK house saw a shock eviction take the housemates by surprise.

Dan, Sophie and Sam think they are immune from the public vote, however this is a lie. Dan tells Sophie he dreamt that he was going to be evicted tonight.

Hazel tells Dexter she can’t wait to go back to work and earn some money. Dexter says he needs to learn some ‘actual manual skills’.

In the bedroom, Callum reveals to Hazel that he’s ‘been real’ and not looking for a modelling career after Big Brother.

Jack and Joe are called to the diary room for the first part of the Puntastic task. They are told all the have to do is go to Big Brother’s Hall of Smiles, and remain there until further notice. If they complete this challenge they believe they will win lots of booze for the house, however they are actually playing for lots of ‘boos’. The twins enter the small task room which is decorated with housemate caricature drawings, with housemates’ laughter continuously played into the room.

Gina is helping Charlie with her make up. Dexter asks Gina to look after Charlie if he is evicted. Gina agrees and says that they both won’t be going anywhere.

In the safe house, Dan and Sophie say that they would be quite happy to move back into the main house as they feel they are missing out on certain things. Dan announces that he will get dressed up for tonight’s eviction.

Callum is speculating about today’s task to Sam, ‘it could be you and me or you could be handcuffed to Hazel’ which makes Sam smile.

Dan and Sophie are called to the diary room for the second part of today’s task. All they have to do is eat a jar full of sour sweets to win 10 large steaks for the house. However, they will not be sucking sweets for steaks; they will be sucking sweets for wooden ‘stakes’. The pair tuck into the sweets, moaning and groaning about how vile they are. They successfully pass their part of the task.

Callum tells Sam that he hopes there’s a surprise to tonight’s eviction. He thinks that Dexter is trying to be his best friend and playing a game. ‘He wants to be Mr Too Nice; he’s planned this all along. He will want and try to have a sneaky kiss with Charlie. I’ve said this to Charlie. Everyone loves a romance; Dexter came up with the term the love triangle. Clever.’

After 2 hours and 46 minutes, Jack and Joe pass their task. They reveal they hated it. ‘Do you mean alcohol booze or boos?’ Big Brother congratulates the twins on passing the task.

Next up is Sam and Callum’s part of the task. They are challenged to be excessively sprayed tanned with ‘I’m With Stupid’ stencilled onto their backs, for their chance to win brownies for the house. In fact, they are being sprayed tanned to win ‘brown wooden E’s’ for their housemates. Sam and Callum are sprayed tanned numerous times by beauty therapists in the garden. The boys get straight to work by asking the therapists their names and flirt with them throughout the process. Dan looks on, ‘Callum is a womaniser!’ The duo successfully passes the task.

Hazel and Dexter are next to take part in the Puntastic task. They are asked to eat a disgusting two course meal consisting of scorpion spaghetti in return for a prize that they think are letters from home for all housemates, when in fact they are playing for a ‘lettuce from home’. Hazel finishes her meal sometime before Dexter; they successfully pass and housemates thank and congratulate them.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the results of today’s task. The housemates that took part successfully passed their parts of the task; they all cheer. Big Brother announces that their prizes should be collected from the store room. Dexter reveals that his box is heavy which confuses the house.

The housemates open up their prize box to find booby prizes. Hazel complains, ‘We ate scorpions for a lettuce? Hope you enjoy your f**king lettuce.’ Jack and Joe’s boos are played to the housemates who don’t find it amusing.

In the bedroom, Hazel is speculating that eviction nights are ‘never what we think they will be’. Charlie feels stressed.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas; Emma Willis reveals tonight’s eviction twist that Dan, Sophie and Sam are the housemates that face eviction. Housemates are all shocked. Emma announces that Dan is the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The bemused housemates say their goodbyes and Dan leaves up the stairs of the house. Gina remakes, ‘I don’t actually believe it’. Hazel claims, ‘that was supposed to be me’.

In the bedroom, Jack and Joe pack Dan’s suitcase.

Callum tells Sam, ‘I can second guess Big Brother most of the time, but this has left me clueless.’

Sam tells Gina it was emotional for him tonight, Gina tells him Hazel should have gone.

In the garden, Hazel tells Charlie, ‘I’m over what people think of me. It’s made me so much stronger. I will act how I want now. Just you and me now Charls.’

Callum cooks a late meal for the house; Sam asks him if he received any boos. Callum replies, ‘Only from one woman.’ Callum adds that Dexter got boo’d and he got cheers.

Housemates raise their glasses for Dan. Dexter announces that he and Callum are now the oldest housemates.

After Dexter finished eating the meal Callum cooked for the house, he tells him it was a ‘good attempt’ which annoys Callum.

In the diary room, Sophie reveals she’s not happy that her and Sam invited Dan into the safe house, ‘I feel like it’s my fault, it should have been Hazel’.

Callum announces that he’s ‘the love of Sam’s life’ in the house.

Hazel tells Charlie that Callum is a cringe bag as he was flirting with the beauty therapist today, ‘He tries too hard to be liked’.

Dexter reveals to Gina that he does not like Callum. ‘Opinions are like a*seholes, we all have one. There’s something not right about him, he’s creepy’. Dexter thinks Callum treats Sam like a kid; Gina says he’s protective over him.

Callum is in the diary room and says that Dexter ‘underestimates him’. He feels, ‘He’s (Dexter) slapped me round the face with his glove of negativity!’

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