Big Brother 2013 housemates don't think Dan Neal has really left!

GINA RIO (Big Brother 2013)

The Big Brother 2013 housemates are convinced that Dan Neal hasn't really been evicted.

Dan was booted out of the house earlier tonight in the latest Big Brother 2013 results show.

It was a shock outcome for Dan, after Big Brother lied to the group about who was up for eviction.

The surprise exit left the house cooking up yet more theories about what could have possibly gone on.

"It feels like a puppet eviction again, it doesn't feel real," Jack and Joe commented.

"It's not fair, I don't see how that's good telly, he's been royally shafted tonight," Callum told Sophie. "If anyone of you went, you, Sam or Dan.

"You've been shafted being put in the firing line without knowing it."

Sophie said: "I can't believe it... Dan. I'm going to miss him so much, it's going to leave such a big character."

And Gina reacted: "I'm still in shock, I don't believe it. I'm so confused. I don't believe it."

She added: "That was the worst eviction, this feels like a nightmare."

Browse pictures of Dan's Big Brother eviction below...

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