Big Brother 2013: Callum Knell admits he'll be gutted if Dexter Koh wins


Big Brother 2013 housemate Callum Knell has confessed he'll be gutted if Dexter Koh wins the show.

We saw Callum rather annoyed with how popular Dexter proved to be with the public in last night's show, following the latest shopping task.

He ranted in the Diary Room to Big Brother: ​“It’s like having all these superheroes at the top of the table through popularity and what people want to see and then you have one of the villains in the picture above some of the heroes because they are such a popular character and that’s where Dexter fits in.”

Speaking to Sam about his superhero analogy yesterday, Callum explained: "You've got superheros and villain right in the middle, that's Dexter.

"You've got wonder woman, Gina, superman, you [Sam], the joker, then you've got like spider man and iron man or something.

"It's like Superheroes with a villain right in the middle who's poplar because he's funny."

Callum confessed: "I'll be gutted, I'll be gutted if Dexter' wins.

"Making stories, trying to be my best friend, they might not like that... or they might like that because he's twisted."

Callum continued to rant: "He wants to be the sensitive one, he was a nasty villain bitching about people and now he wants to seem pure, and easy going."

And the wannabe teacher also claimed that Dex was trying to "use" Charlie to win the series.

"He's that close, he's close to getting me out the way, then it'll be just them two [Charlie and Dexter]. He knows he wants to use her... who cares? I won't be here, I'll be going. Vote, Vote, Vote!"

Callum concluded: "I think he's played a blinder."

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