Big Brother 2013: Emma Willis annoyed at amount of 'outside contact'

Emma Willis (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother 2013 host Emma Willis has confessed she's not happy with the show's producers!

Emma admitted that she wasn't keen with last week's shopping task, that saw the housemates learn how popular each of them were with the public.

Speaking about the past seven days of house action, Emma reflected: "As far as the week goes, I think we've had our calmest week of the series. They all seem to be quite calm and quite lethargic however as far as what Big Brother is doing to them, it's been an almighty week with the safe house task and we also had the shopping task which most of me loved but part of me didn't..."

Emma explained: "I don't feel like they should have been given so much information that was true.... but then I suppose the people who rated lower on the scale of popularity, they now know they've got to up their game a little bit, so hopefully we'll see a fun side to certain people we've not seen before."

She continued: "And the twins were really down about being so low down on the scale, but I think that might help them, we might see a more bubbly side to them."

The shopping task also saw Hazel come to expect her exit on Friday night, with Emma remarking: "Hazel is in a right old head spin, I think it's really playing with her mind and she thinks she's going, even though she wasn't up!"

Meanwhile, Emma teased that Big Brother would once again be up to his usual tricks next week as secrets and lies continues.

She teased: "There's another big twist coming next week, but I can't tell you about it just yet!"

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