Big Brother 2013: Day 43 highlights and recap


It's Day 43 in the Big Brother 2013 house and all talk is about the upcoming eviction.

Housemates in the main house are speculating about Friday night’s eviction. Charlie believes that it will not be Callum or Hazel who will be evicted and it will be a big shock. Dexter feels there will be something to do with the safe house.

Sophie is in the diary room talking about Callum. She is complaining about him ‘overstepping the mark into the cringy zone.’

Callum and Sam are rating the girl’s smiles from their photographs on the televisions in the living area. Callum rates Sophie’s smile in her photo as a 10 and Sam gives her a rating of 8. Charlie gets a 9 from both. Gina is given a 9 as well.

Gina goes onto the smoking bench to tell Hazel, Charlie and Dexter what Callum and Sam are discussing. Dexter gives Gina a 5 and then laughs.

Shopping arrives and the Twins are not happy about money being taken off the list in replace of cigarettes and tobacco. ‘I did tell them they cannot afford on a £76 budget that you cannot spend £16 on fags.’ The smokers are annoyed that people are moaning about them getting cigarettes.

Hazel tells Big Brother in the diary room that she will be waiting for her name to be called on Friday night, ‘I don’t think any person in the house so far has been given such clear signs that they are on their way out.’

The Twins are given the day’s task: Don’t Drop It to carry around objects without dropping them and not to put them down, throughout the day they are given more items. They complete the task and get to tuck into some cream cakes.

Callum is feeling down in the tree house, he tells Charlie that he feels like he is in the way and redundant. Charlie tells him to take some of his own advice and to see his potential and to accept himself.

Jack puts on one of the girl’s bikinis and does some sexy dancing in the shower and then runs into the bedroom.

Charlie is trying on an eviction outfit being styled by Gina. Dexter and Callum’s eyes are popping out. Callum falls backwards off the bed. Dexter says he has been ‘bowled over quite literally’.

Hazel is talking to Dan and Charlie about being in the house. Hazel is not enjoying the house anymore and feels personally attacked by the public. Charlie believes that Hazel is a role model to young girls.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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