Big Brother 2013 housemates set cruel (but punny!) task


Big Brother is up to his old tricks again with another cruel twist and task for the group.

Today, Big Brother will set pairs of housemates a series of tough challenges in order to win some seemingly fantastic prizes for everyone. However, when the prizes are delivered it is revealed that they are nothing more than a collection of irritating puns (e.g. ‘letters from home’ turn out to be a lettuce with a “Love from Mum” tag.)

The Challenges:

Jack & Joe must remain locked in the creepy Hall of Smiles complete with a soundtrack of manic laughter on a constant loop.
Dan & Sophie must eat a jar full of sweets so sour they come with a health warning.
Callum & Sam must receive numerous spray tans with an “I’m With Stupid” stencil on their backs.
Charlie & Gina must destroy all the cigarettes in the house.
Dexter & Hazel must eat a delicious meal consisting of scorpion spaghetti and sheep eye jelly.

The Prizes:

Jack and Joe will think they are playing for booze, but their prize will turn out to be a speaker playing heckling boos.
Dan and Sophie will think they are playing for large steaks for everyone, but it will turn out to be a vampire stake each.
Callum and Sam will think they’re playing for brownies, but will in fact receive a tray of brown wooden letter Es.
Charlie and Gina will think they are playing for a date with a mystery boy each, but this will in fact be a fruity date and a sailing buoy.
Dexter and Hazel will think they are playing for letters from home, but this will be “lettuce from home” – some lettuces with “Love From Mum” tags.

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