Big Brother 2013: Day 42 highlights and recap


It’s Day 2 of the shopping task; for Big Brother’s first question of the day housemates must guess who the viewers would most like to see gunged first thing in the morning.

Hazel has been gunged and housemates sympathise; Gina gets annoyed and claims that housemates would find it funny if it was her who had been gunged.

Hazel remarks, ‘Does anyone else think the shopping task is about me? Bring it on b***hes!’

Dan, the Twins and Dexter are talking about Callum’s ‘disturbing’ striptease the night before. Dan cringed, ‘It was his facial expressions. Urgh!’

Dan and Dexter mention about how ‘odd’ they think Callum is. Dan thinks it’s strange that Callum would perform a striptease but is worried about his career as a teacher.

As part of the task Dan must eat the number of chillies equal to the nominations he has received during his time in the house. He eats four chillies, the correct answer and wins £100 for the shopping budget. Dan runs around the kitchen to detract from the chilli-fire in his mouth.

In the kitchen, Hazel and Dexter discuss why they came into the house. Hazel wanted to make an ‘impact’ and be ‘noticed.’ Dexter says that he wanted to see if he could ‘hack it,’ but now feels he is on a ‘personal journey.’ Hazel comments, ‘Why is everything more interesting when there is someone that interests you…but when that dies off its like err.’

Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the next part of the task. Charlie has been in the diary room rehearsing her rap for the housemate she thinks the viewers want her to rap about. Charlie guesses Dexter; it is the correct answer and she wins more money towards the shopping budget.

Dexter emerges from the diary room in tuxedo armed with roses, chocolates and Champagne then invites Charlie up to the tree house for a date. Callum is unhappy at being kicked out of the tree house and believes that viewers posed the question, ‘Who it would annoy Callum the most for Dexter to seduce.’

Dexter tells Hazel that he thinks Charlie has feelings for him but is reluctant to say so in the house. Hazel tells Dexter that Charlie didn’t give a definitive answer when she asked her if there was an attraction.

For the final part of shopping task housemates must put themselves in the order they think the viewers want them to win.

Housemates lose a large chunk of the shopping budget and discuss what to buy with their limited budget. They decide to remove a pack of sausages which will cost the house a meal in order to get papers for some of the housemate’s cigarettes.

The Twins are in the living area discussing their ranking in the task. Joe is upset and feels like he wants to go home. They are annoyed at Gina and her attitude towards her being in first place.

Hazel quizzes Dexter over his and Gina’s ranking as favourites. She mentions that the pair targeted her when they were in the safe house and that this may be the reason she may be hated by the public. Dan thinks that their opinions have influenced the public.

Joe, Sophie and Dan are in the kitchen preparing dinner. They all feel that Dexter could win the show and say he has an ‘inflated ego.’ Jack says ‘He is the last person that I want to win, cunning is the word.’

Dexter and Gina are in the garden talking about the line up task and their fellow housemates’ reactions. They think the Twins deserved to be near the bottom of the line.

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