Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal speculates he may not really be immune

Dan and Hazel.

It looks like copper Dan Neal could be on to this week's Big Brother 2013 twist.

Housemates have been told that safe house tiro Dan, Sophie and Sam are immune from eviction, and everyone else is up.

But in reality, it's the opposite, but Dan's not too convinced.

In tonight's show, he tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: "There is even a little bit of me that thinks we are not that safe in that safe house which unnerves me a little bit but I am not going to dwell on that…but it has crossed my mind that we are not all immune in there.”

Meanwhile, Sam is seen gushing about apparently being immune from the axe this week.

He tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: ​“Amazing. No words can describe how relaxing it feels because the longer I stay here the better.

"And this week, considering three people are safe which is me, Sophie and Dan. I feel invincible.”

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