Big Brother 2013 housemates discuss their popularity with viewers


The Big Brother 2013 housemates get a glimpse into how their being perceived on the outside world in tonight's show.

For the final part of this week's shopping task, the group were asked to order themselves from most popular to least popular with viewers.

Callum is in the diary room talking about Dexter’s third place ranking in the task.

Callum tells Big Brother: ​“It’s like having all these superheroes at the top of the table through popularity and what people want to see and then you have one of the villains in the picture above some of the heroes because they are such a popular character and that’s where Dexter fits in.”

Gina is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about her 1st place ranking in the task.

Gina​ says: “It is just shocking that people like me for me. I have always wanted people to like me for me because I know I am a good person and I have a big heart. But then people don’t see that, they see the expensive clothes and think ‘she must be materialistic.’ But at least if people are seeing the inner me, then wow, happy!”

Later, Dexter, Gina and Callum are on the sofas discussing Dan.

Dexter​ comments: “He obviously thought he was higher, he has put the most on the line. He has given up a white collar job to come in here to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. So for him to come in 5th, behind me especially would be a kick in the face for him.”

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