Big Brother 2013 spoilers: Housemates win just £76 from shopping task


The Big Brother 2013 housemates managed to end up with just £76 after completing this week's shopping task.

For the past two days, the housemates have been answering Big Brother's questions to earn cash.

Each correct answer has seen them scoop prizes between £10 and £100.

But of course, answering the questions hasn't been straight forward, with the group required to eat the answer, gunge and answer and even strip the answer.

After all the answers, housemates had won a total of over £700.

That was then gambled in the end up, which saw housemates have to line themselves up in order of who they think will win Big Brother as voted for by the public.

However, it wasn't that simple! The money that Housemates had accumulated in the duration of the task became a countdown timer for the end game.

Housemates had to quickly scramble to get in order, then push an activation button. When the button is pushed, the money countdown will stop.

Big Brother then informed housemates of how many of them are in the right place and restart the countdown clock from where it was stopped.

This continued until all of the money has run out, or they get the answer correct.

While Gina quickly rushed to first place and Hazel put herself at the opposite end, the middle proved tricky.

After numerous changes, the group spent so long getting the correct order that they ended up with just £76 to spend on shopping.

The correct order was:

1. Gina

2. Sam

3. Dexter

4. Sophie

5. Dan

6. Charlie

7. Twins

8. Callum

9. Hazel

The task will air in tonight's highlights show on Channel 5.

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