Big Brother 2013: Dan Neal now thinks Hazel is an actor!


Copper Dan Neal is at it again in the Big Brother 2013 house.

The former detective revealed yesterday that he now reckons model Hazel O'Sullivan really could be an actor.

It followed Day 1 of this week's task, which has seen poor Hazel been a bit bullied by the viewers.

In the last 24 hours, she's been branded the biggest snake of the house and biggest turn off, been gunged, had to eat pigs nose on toast, gunged again and all whilst wearing - and having to sleep in - a giant snake costume.

"Why is she getting such a rough ride from the public, I don't understand it," Dan said, before telling Charlie is actor theory.

An unconvinced Charlie told him: "Hazel is just Hazel."

But Dan later confronted Hazel, telling the brunette beauty: "I find it really difficult you're getting such a rough ride as you are.

"I'm even like, are you actually real?, It's pathetic. It doesn't add up to me. I'm struggling to understand why the public have got it in for you like this... the snake, eating the tarantulas , making people want to turn the TV off."

Dan continued: "I have complete faith in you and I hope me and you will be really good friends in here."

Hazel however wasn't too worried, replying only: "Well you seem to have copped everyone else in here so I'm glad you still have a bit of faith in me."

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