Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's boyfriend insists she is really, really, REALLY rich

GINA RIO (Big Brother 2013)

Gina Rio's boyfriend has insisted that the Big Brother UK housemate really is rich.

Questions over Gina's claim to being a £10,000 central London socialite has been called to question, with pals branding her a wannabe singer who drives a "clapped out Peugeot" and lives in a council flat.

But her boyfriend, Edwin Newton, insisted that she really does have the money.

And he claimed that in reality, Gina gets even more money then she lets on.

"The truth is £10,000 is the lower scale of what she receives. We will go to Harrods and spend £10,000 in a day," be boasted.

The rapper (of sorts) bragged this week: "But don’t get me wrong, she’s a very generous girl and is always finding someone or something to help.

"The story about that council flat made me laugh. Gina has a place in King’s Cross that was being renovated and I stayed with Gina at The Savoy for five months. That story is pathetic! it’s all rubbish."

In an interview with new! magazine, Edwin also revealed that Gina enjoys the "best of life" and even gave him a £13,000 designer watch as a present.

"She likes the best of life. She gets everything she deserves. She’s a princess and I treat her like one. It keeps me on my toes," he said.

But Edwin refused to speak about just where all the cash comes from.

"They are a very private family so i don’t think it’s my place to discuss them," he said.

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