Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio, Dexter Koh row over latest task


It looks like Ginxter is over, with Gina and Dexter coming to blows in the Big Brother 2013 house this evening.

As part of this week's The Right Answer shopping task, the housemates have to simply give the correct answer to Big Brother's questions.

Some of the Right Answers were chosen by the public via a poll on the Channel 5 website, while others have come from the past six weeks of house action.

This afternoon saw the housemates correctly guess that Sophie was the housemate with he most annoying voice, while Hazel was the housemate most likely to make viewers turn the channel.

"I’d rather they were saying something about me than nothing at all," she declared.

But Big Brother then twisted things by reading out quotes from the housemates, asking them to correctly identify what housemate it was said by or about which housemate the comment referred to.

Dexter found himself in hot water with Gina after his nomination for her was revealed, together with his reason.

Unfortunately, Dexter himself didn't even manage to get the answer right, saying that his comment was actually about Callum.

At first, Gina insisted: “I don’t really care. I don’t want to hear it," but the pair ultimately ended up rowing in the bedroom.

Gina told Dexter: “Of all the people in the House you’re the last person I would say something nasty about.”

As Dexter tried to backtrack, an unimpressed Gina sighed: "Whatever."

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