Big Brother 2013: Day 40 highlights and recap


Day 40 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw a very big lie told to the housemates.

Sam and Sophie have a big decision to make today and are discussing who they should choose. They are talking about saving Callum because it would really annoy Dexter.

Dexter and Charlie are in the bedroom discussing the argument with Gina the night before. Charlie apologises to Gina and tries to rephrase what she was saying the night before.

Hazel is in the kitchen with the Twins discussing the public reactions to people being evicted. Hazel thinks the public is going to boo her and she needs to prepare for that to happen. The Twins offer to boo her randomly throughout the day so she can get used to it.

Gina is in the bedroom b***hing to Dan and Sophie about Charlie always saying the wrong thing. Dan says she needs to think before she speaks and he is worried about how vulnerable she is. Dan doesn’t want to say anything to her as he is afraid she will retreat within herself.

Hazel is in the garden with Charlie and tells her that Gina is still annoyed with her about the row the night before. Hazel goes on to tell her that Dan and Sophie were talking about the situation in the kitchen when Gina was not around. Charlie is bemused about why Dan and Sophie would be discussing it when Gina is not around especially as Sophie was there when the argument happened and saw the whole thing.

Dexter and Gina are in the bedroom talking about Dexter’s changing feelings towards Charlie. He says he feels a bit like a mug but he will still fight for her.

The day’s task plays out. Callum becomes the house therapist and has counselling sessions with each housemate.

Charlie is in the garden talking to Callum about her worries that Dexter and Gina are annoyed with her. That they are being funny around her and it is making her feel uncomfortable. Charlie is afraid that she will be up for eviction this week.

Charlie talks to Dexter in the garden about why he is avoiding her. Dexter explains that sometimes it is not just her words that upset people but her actions. Dexter goes on to say it is something to do with him and not her that he has been cautious with her. Dexter tells Charlie to stop over analysing things and to get herself back and enjoy herself.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas and told that there will be no nominations this week that all housemates will be up for eviction except the safe house residents. Sam and Sophie choose Dan to become the third safe house resident. Unbeknown to all housemates by doing so it will be Sam, Sophie and Dan up for eviction this week and not the housemates in the main house.

In the safe house the residents are drinking champagne and talking over the choice that Sam and Sophie made. Dan is very grateful to be in the safe house.

Dan and Sophie decide to get in the pool and make the most of the safe house luxuries; the other housemates jokingly jeer them over rubbing their faces in it.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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