Big Brother news: Hazel O’Sullivan eats hairy pig's ear in latest task


Poor Big Brother 2013 housemate Hazel O'Sullivan was forced to enjoy a breakfast of hairy pigs ear this morning.

As part of this week's The Right Answer shopping task, the housemates have to simply give the correct answer to Big Brother's questions.

And some of the Right Answers were chosen by the public via a poll on the Channel 5 website.

The first of those require Hazel has to guess which dish the public wanted her to eat:

* A pigs nose pastry
* Tarantulas on toast
* Or a normal blueberry muffin

"If you were the public and you wanted me to eating something nasty, you'd chose the pig's nose," she told Big Brother.

And the model wasted no time in scoffing down the ear, hairs and all, in a bid to win £50 of the shopping budget.

But unfortunately for Hazel, she didn't pick the wrong answer.

Rather, the public had voted Hazel to eat the tarantulas on toast.

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