Big Brother 2013: Is Dan Neal onto the twist already?


It seems that Dan Neal's detective senses are tingling after Big Brother's latest twist.

Following the latest round of Big Brother 2013 results, Sophie Lawrence, Sam Evans and Dan Neal face eviction on Friday night.

On Friday night, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that the safe house would open its doors once more for two new housemates, this time chosen by the house. Charlie announced that Sam and Sophie will be moving to the safe house tonight.

However, what housemates weren't told was that instead of Sophie and Sam having immunity, they had unknowingly put themselves up for eviction.

Live on yesterday evening's latest show, Sam and Sophie chose Dan to join them in the safe house, with Big Brother telling them that they were immune from the public vote.

Big Brother told the group that everyone else was up for the chop, when in fact only Sam, Sophie and Dan face eviction.

But Dan confessed he's not sure about the whole thing.

After Sam and Sophie revealed their decision, there weren't exactly any tears of joy from the ex-copper.

"I feel really weird... it is cool... [but]..." he told the pair.

Dan's mind was clearly in overdrive as he speculated "Are we all up? Is it a lie that we're [Sam, Sophie and Dan] safe?"

Almost, Dan, almost...

In the safe house and Sophie could see Dan was still worried.

"You're not happy you're in here, are you?" she asked.

"I will be, I will be... I just feel weird," Dan replied.

Will Dan figure out the twist before Friday's live show?

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