Big Brother 2013 housemates turn on Charlie Travers


Charlie Travers became the topic of yesterday's bitching sessions in the Big brother house.

It all started after Gina and Charlie's clash on Sunday night.

Charlie explained to Gina her chat with Sam: "I said ok imagine if you met Gina and you don’t fancy Gina but in two weeks time your feelings for her grew and you suddenly start fancying her. That is all I said.”

Gina told her: “But every guy normally fancies me so …I am offended.”

And she snapped: “In future, if you want to make a point about anything don’t use me because I don’t like it…this house is really really annoying me.

"This bunch of people, I have never met anything like you in my entire life. Ever ever ever. You always say the wrong thing all the time and it is so annoying! (shouts) annoying!!! I am removing myself from this situation.”

Yesterday morning saw Gina continued to moan about the night before's events, with a good old bitch about Charlie.

And it seems that Gina's anger at her has been building for some time, as she recalled examples from as far back as the first week to make her point.

"When me and Dexter came back from the safe house, she was like 'Oh Dexter, I know you've made a friend in here with Daley, but Gina have you made any friends?' She said it with a big smile on her face," Gina said.

Dan defended Charlie, saying: "She just doesn't think about what she says, she really doesn't think. I do worry about how she is, she's put her foot in it so many times.

"She just gets sucked in every time..."

Gina was sure it was more calculated than that, saying: "She's enjoying it, she's owning it."

Dan insisted: "I think she's naive. I feel like she's relaxing more so I don't really want to say her ... because I don't want her to go into her shell.

"On Friday I told her to shut up and go to sleep because she was going too far with Callum..."

Gina concluded: "It's not like I don't like her, I just don't want to bother with her."

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