Big Brother 2013: Day 39 highlights and recap


Day 39 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw arguments and a special task for safe house duo Sam and Sophie.

Housemates are in the bedroom speculating about what will happen that day. They believe that Sam and Sophie will have to make a big decision.

Charlie and Dexter are in the garden talking about their friendship and how they are viewed by the house after the housemates’ reactions the night before.

Sam and Sophie are called into the diary room to be told their task for the day and that it will be up to them to choose a housemate to join them in the safe house. This housemate will be immune from eviction on Friday or so they think…

Dan, Callum and Hazel are in the bedroom discussing nominations. Dan doesn’t think they will nominate this week.

Housemates are in the garden enjoying a game of limbo in the sunshine.

After Sam and Sophie have set the questions to be answered by Callum, Dan and the twins in the diary room, the twins are the first people to be asked. After being in the diary room, the twins come down to kitchen to discuss what Big Brother has asked them. They don’t think it is normal Big Brother behaviour and are suspicious.

Dan and Callum are in the garden discussing Sam and Sophie in the safe house and the feeling there will be no nominations.

Dan voices a suspicion that the questions asked in the diary room will be played to Sophie and Sam in the safe house later that day. The twins hope they will not be played to the whole house.

Sophie is cutting Callum’s hair using her clippers and they are talking about his how his ‘niceness’ comes across to others.

Sam and Sophie are given a TV dinner in the small task room and shown the answers to their questions set earlier.

Dan and Hazel are in bed together having a giggling fit.

Hazel, Jack, Joe, Callum and Charlie are in the living area talking about Dexter’s behaviour and game plan. When Dexter walks in Charlie says ‘talk of the devil’ and then everyone refuses to divulge what they have been talking about.

In part 4 of tonight’s show, a live element will happen where Sophie and Sam choose the person who will join them in the safe house and as far as they believe, receive immunity. However what they do not know is that the housemate they choose will actually be up for eviction on Friday. Lines will open to vote tonight.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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