Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh gay? Hazel O’Sullivan thinks so!

Dexter Koh (Big Brother 2013)

Speculation over whether not Big Brother's Dexter Koh is gay filled he house last night.

It followed Dexter choosing to share a prize of a luxury picnic with former copper Dan Neal following the latest Big Brother task.

Telling Big Brother about his decision, Dexter explained: "I think it'll cheer him up a little bit as he's been a bit moody recently. I'll try and cheer him up in my own special way."

As the pair enjoyed a euphemism filled chat in the garden as they fed one another, Charlie and Hazel watched on.

"Maybe we got it wrong all this time, maybe it's Dan that he [Dexter] fancies," Hazel commented.

She asked Charlie: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I've got no gaydar whatsoever," she replied, hinting that she did at least know what Hazel was implying.

"I do, big time," Hazel declared. "I thought it when we first walked in."

Dexter has done little to stop the speculation, previously admitting to having a bit of a crush on Dan.

He said: “To be honest with you I am a little bit metro-sexual and I think Dan is a very very attractive guy.”

He added: “If I was gay, I’d probably go for someone like Dan. That’s says a lot for me to be able to admit that. In the long run we’ll clash because we’ve got very similar…”

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