Big Brother 2013: Sophie and Sam interrogate Jack and Joe, Dan and Callum

Big Brother 2013 safe house housemates Sam and Sophie have been quizzing some of the other housemates.

In Friday’s twist, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that the luxurious safe house will be reopen for two housemates chosen by the house.

Charlie announced that Sam and Sophie will be moving to the safe house tonight. However, what housemates don’t realise that instead of Sophie and Sam having immunity, they have unknowingly put themselves up for eviction.

Yesterday, Big Brother revealed to Sam and Sophie that tonight they'll be asked to invite another housemate into the safe house with them.

However, again unbeknown to them, this housemate will also face eviction on Friday.

For now, the pair believe that the person they chose will join them and enjoy immunity.

"What three people?" Sophie asked Sam, "The twins are one of mine, Callum is one of yours, a million percent...a and... Dan? I love Dan!"

Sam agreed as Sophie said: "Dexter's like so sly. I love Dan and I love him to bits and I'd have him in here any day, I love the twins but I know the twins are safe and I know Dan and Callum aren't as safe as the twins."

The pair then gave Big Brother some questions to ask the trio:

- Apart from Dexter, who would you like to see go on Friday and why?

- If you had the chance to go into the safe house and chuck out Sam and Sophie, would you to keep yourself immune?

- Did you agree with Charlie's decison to put the two safest housemates into the safe house?

- [To Callum] If it meant a stronger chance with Charlie, would you end your friendship with Sam?

- If you had the chance, would you steal £75,0000 of the prize money and why?

Which of the trio will the pair end up choosing live on tonight's show? Or will they change their mind and pick someone else altogether?

Big Brother airs from 10PM on Channel 5.

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