Big Brother 2013: Poor Dexter Koh is broke and has "no money at all"


Despite bragging of having a worth of millions, Big Brother 2013 housemate Dexter Koh apparently has "no money at all".

And unfortunately the claims come from Dexter's own business partner.

Joe-Ann Randles is busy running Dexter's Twitter accounts, social profiles and PR business while he's in the house.

And she blabbed: “He hasn’t got any money at all.

“I’m actually in control of his bank details, his phone, his MacBook and everything. He’s getting a lot of abuse from people who know him."

And Joe-Ann teased: “I know why he’s doing it and his secret will come out, either while he’s in the house or at the end.

It's not the first time that Dexter's claims have come under attack, with the apparent PR guru seen begging his Twitter followers for free software just days before going into the house.

And his former girlfriend Danielle McMahon rubbished his infamous £120,000 spend in a club after a big casino win.

"He claimed to own a strip club, but he was actually just a waiter," she told the Daily Star recently. "No champagne bottles were opened at all. They brought out about 20 and made a big fuss, with confetti and everything. The bottles sat on the table for an hour, then the staff took them away.

"It was really embarrassing, but I was just in awe that so many people bought into it. I wanted to scream that it was fake."

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