Big Brother 2013: "Bored" Hazel O’Sullivan hates all of her fellow housemates


A "bored" Hazel O’Sullivan lashed out at her fellow Big Brother 2013 housemates yesterday.

The Irish model is seemingly misses the fun and games she enjoyed in recent weeks and now wants out of the house.

Or some brand new housemates.

Speaking to Charlie Travers in the bedroom, Hazel complained that none of her fellow housemates were interesting enough for her, and Charlie didn't exactly seem to be excluded in Hazel's rant.

"I'm bored of everybody now. No one is interesting me anymore, I just want to cause trouble, this is what happens when I'm bored," the brunette beauty complained.

"I've had a week now where I'm bored, no one interests me in the slightest. I've had one boring week now," she repeated.

With most of the house still occupied by the Dexter-Charlie-Callum love triangle, and with Sophie and Sam locked in the safe house, Hazel complained that she was up for causing some more mischief.

"I'm sick of everybody I just wish everyone would just shut up," she moaned some more.

Hazel continued with an interesting analogy: "I've taken everything from every person that I can. Like a squeezy yoghurt, I've squeezed out all I can."

She added to Charlie: "This is the real me, I'm mischievous."

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