Big Brother news: Hazel O’Sullivan turns on Dan Neal!


It seems that even one of the apparently strongest relationships in the Big Brother 2013 house is slowly breaking up.

On last night's show we saw Dan and Callum step in when Charlie started talking herself into trouble.

A drunk Charlie continued to talk and talk, and both Callum and Dan worried she was making a fool out of herself.

Dan told her: “To be fair Callum’s right, I think Charlie’s too drunk so she should just go to sleep."

He added: "If people wanna talk about it tomorrow fine, if not just leave it, and I think Callum has done nothing wrong.”

Charlie ended up trying herself to sleep, but yesterday morning it was Hazel who was gunning for the former copper.

"Dan is in a very bad mood, severely. This morning I said Hi, him and he was just like [snapping] 'You alright?' H was just like... shocking," Hazel said. "He's quite tired, but you know..."

But Charlie was understanding, telling the Irish model: "Now mum's gone and he's the older one, he now feels like he's now responsible... "

"That's crazy logic!" snapped Hazel. "I heard that, we all have mums, and just cause yours has left, it's not fair..."

She continued: "I heard him say he stepped in because your mum would've told you to shut up and go to sleep, but that's not fair.

"We all have mums and they could all tell us to go to bed and shut up, just because your mum was here doesn't mean you should have been treated like a baby."

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight on Channel 5.

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