Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence is so happy about being immune...


Sophie Lawrence and Sam Evans have been getting used to their new surroundings in Big Brother's safe house.

In last night’s twist, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that the luxurious safe house will be reopen for two housemates chosen by the house.

Charlie announced that Sam and Sophie will be moving to the safe house tonight. However, what housemates don’t realise that instead of Sophie and Sam having immunity, they have unknowingly put themselves up for eviction.

Live on Monday, the pair will then choose another housemate to join them in the safe house, again unbeknown to them, this housemate will also face eviction on Friday.

For now however, Sam and Sophie are rather happy with life inside the house.

"I'm so excited to be in here and so glad to be immune," Sophie declared last night. "But I feel bad [for the others]. We're going to be here for at least another two weeks, that's two weeks from the final!"

Sophie added: "And it's weird me and you being in here as we were always nominating each other."

And in more unknown bad news for Sophie, she has become the favourite to leave next Friday night in the latest eviction.

Let's hope she and Sam think carefully about their decision on Monday...

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