Big Brother 2013: Twins worried Gina Rio is going to win!


The fallout from yesterday evening's latest Big Brother eviction seems to be more about Gina than Jackie.

Last night saw Jackie become the latest housemate to leave in the Big Brother 2013 results, booted out ahead of Callum Knell.

But all most of the housemates could talk about were the hugely positive chants for Gina.

The group were previously made aware that Gina was the bookies' favourite, having been told the odds via a message thrown into the garden on a tennis ball.

"Gina got such good reaction, f**k Gina's going to win this," the twins remarked.

"The tennis balls have been right in that sense, Gina is the favorite, and Jackie did go..." Dan commented.

But Jack tried to play down the crowd response, saying: "I think everyone is going to get booed at some point, the cheers don't mean a lot."

"The winner got booed before," said Sophie, referring to BB12 champ Aaron.

Meanwhile, Charlie was in the Diary Room contemplating life in the house without her mum.

She told Big Brother: "I'm a little bit emotional, but that's natural, we came in here to together.

"Once I've got over tonight, I've just got to remember it's a fresh experience for me in from tomorrow. It's now me on my own as Charlie and I'm really excited. Hopefully it'll be good. I felt bad that she went to boos, but at least she was 100% herself in here."

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