Big Brother 2013: Emma Willis talks over the past 'dramatic' week

Emma Willis (Big Brother 2013)

Big Brother UK host Emma Willis has given her thoughts on the past seven days of house action.

Last night saw Jackie become the latest housemate to leave in the Big Brother 2013 results, booted out ahead of Callum Knell.

It was the end to a tense week in the house, with Daley getting ejected on Monday before a love triangle saw more rows and eventually led to Jackie's eviction.

"What a week!" Emma remarked. "It's been a highly dramatic midpoint of Big Brother 2013."

Emma continued: "Horrible incident on Sunday in the safe house, the removal of a housemate didn't start the week off in a very good way ,however I think the house seem to be recovering and getting over it.

"I think the [Remote Control] task this week has helped and lifted spirits. It was a genius idea, it was so, so, good, I'd like to see that in every year. I think that's one of my highlight from the past couple of days."

And offering her opinion on the Dexter-Charlie-Callum love triangle, Emma suggested: "Dexter and Charlie, I kind of get the feeling he might get somewhere."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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