Big Brother 2013: Charlie says Dexter has a chance with her... but not Callum!

Dexter reacts to Daley leaving the House.

The Big Brother 2013 love triangle continues on tonight's highlights.

Charlie, Jackie and Hazel are discussing in the garden Charlie’s feelings towards Callum and Jackie’s behaviour towards him last night.

Charlie tells her mum: “One thing I think you shouldn’t have said is, I think you said something like ‘she is not going to be going out with you,’ and I don’t think it is fair for you to say something like that. One, that is not up to you to say that to him, he will get defensive, and two, that is up to me to say that to him and make the decisions.”

Hazel adds: “I don’t think they are your kind of guys anyway I think they are shooting way out of range.”

Jackie reveals: “But Dexter I like him, I have warmed to him so much.”

And Charlie admits: “You know I would genuinely go for dinner with Dexter…look forward to it, have a good catch up. He is the kind of person I like chatting to, but not with Callum. I wouldn’t.”

Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, Dexter tells Big Brother: “I think Callum showed himself up last night. He has sort of aggressive, sort of strange tone. Sometimes you have to take a step back and be real and realise yourself. He keeps flitting and changing. Mask after mask. Then taking it off and going back to his original self, which is why I think Jackie is very wary of him.”

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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